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James Heidrich is a self-motivated and passionate professional with over two decades of experience in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. He is dedicated to delivering transformation, optimisation, and standardisation across the industry, and his fundamental drive for success derives from his intrinsic desire to leave the world better than he found it. Engaging in a career that involves life sciences, James’ favorite part about his day to day is his ability to help businesses produce better products that can help create a better world.

In addition to his success as a senior supply chain management and operations leader, James is an articulate and culturally sensitive communicator and public speaker. He has been featured as a speaker at a number of interindustry conferences, including the Prestigious MIT for Bristlecone Pulse Event. He thrives on developing strategic and meaningful departmental relationships. His passion for speaking and teaching is driven by his love to enthuse, enhance, and edify high-level executives with the goal of increasing overall performance.

Over the past 20 years, James’ career has spanned a variety of impressive experiences, including serving as the Supply Chain Manager for Caterpillar Inc. from 2001-2011, of which he was selected to the prestigious MPD Programme where he managed on-time delivery performance for nearly 10,000 schedules across 300+ suppliers.

After transitioning out of his 12-year stint at Caterpillar Inc., James responded to the call of adventure by pursuing a career at Smith & Nephew where he served as the Global Procurement Productivity Manager from 2011-2018. Currently, James resides in Switzerland where he serves as the Head of Corporate Site Procurement, EMEA at Shire Pharmaceuticals GMBH. At Shire Pharmaceuticals, James is directly responsible for procurement requirements and operations across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region. He also helps manage vendor relations, sourcing events, vendor capability and risk assessments, and price analyses for €260M portfolio spend.

One of his favorite parts about working in pharmaceuticals and medical devices is his ability to directly help people. By focusing on optimizing the supply chain process by making it more affordable for companies to deliver exceptional products, James is able to help companies create and launch better products for people in need. James’ success is in part credited to his ability to truly understand – from the finances to the product – the whole of a business from top to bottom.

James Heidrich is passionate about long-term success. As proven by his loyalty and success to both Caterpillar Inc, Smith & Nephew PLC, and now Shire Pharmaceuticals, he is no stranger to being in the thick of the supply chain process and is looking to affect positive, lasting change. Where others seek to shake things up for the sake of the new and exciting, James is interested in affecting the entire spirit of a company for the purpose of long-term results.

James Heidrich holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, and his Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Wyoming.

In addition to his career and educational experience, James Heidrich is also a member of the Institute for Supply Management as well as a Certified Professional in Supply Chain Management.

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