Mobile apps have put old devices of the past to shame as they provide supply chain professionals the ability to manage warehouse and transport operations in the palm of their hand but at a much lower price point.

On top of lesser costs, incorporating mobile apps into the management of your supply chain has additional benefits including, real-time updates, portability, accurate monitoring, and increased efficiency and productivity.
There are a variety of apps available on the market that offer a unique solution to the supply chain process. From Nimble to EazyStock, you will find an app that can benefit your business.


Nimble is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is available on Android, and iOS. You can also download a widget version for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft browsers.

The application provides insights on people and companies and provides essential details such as employment status, location, income, industry, executive details, and contact info. With the app’s automatic social profile matching and live profiles, you can easily keep track of your client base and the contacts in your network.


Scandit helps to improve the efficiency of inventory management through an innovative barcode scanning software. Barcode and QR code scanners can be fickle, but with Scandit’s algorithm, it can capture images despite low light or an imperfect capture. This makes inventory organization quicker, easier, and allows the entire product catalog to be at a user’s fingertips. Scandit also has sharing capabilities making it easy to share data across smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Logistimo Plus

Logistimo Plus was created with companies in rural emerging markets in mind. The application provides retailers, transporters, and distributors with real-time visibility of your inventory, orders, and reports on sales.


StockIQ helps in to improve your inventory through enhanced visibility. With the application, you can easily track and monitor your warehouse inventory. If your warehouse is out of balance, Stock IQ will suggest grouped transfers to help re-balance your inventory. Stock IQ can also identify when items are about to expire, track new orders, and see what is back ordered.


EazyStock is a mobile app that helps you manage your inventory with ease. With the EazyStock Mobile App, a user can gain instant access to your ERP system data whether you are in or out of the office. EazyStock works with your existing inventory to lower operation costs all while increasing revenue. The app has many different features from demand forecasting to inventory optimization.