Tim Woods. Who is this person? At first the name sounds familiar. Maybe he is a relative of Tiger Woods? Or is another professional golfer? Despite the name, Tim Woods is not related to anyone famous, or is a star athlete or even an internet sensation. Tim Woods may just be someone you run into on a daily basis in the halls of your very own factory.

Tim Woods is a waste of three things; time, resources, and energy. No matter the company or department, we all can feel his impact. You will find that in most companies, employees will conduct their daily routines and tasks in the same way without giving much thought to whether there is a better or more efficient way to go about their job.

Tim Woods acts as a prompt to help us categorize the areas of waste that is affecting a company’s competitiveness and allow us to become more efficient. During the production of a product or the execution of a service, there are eight value-depleting activities that take place. In reality, Tim Woods is not a person but an acronym that stands for the eight wastes associated with lean manufacturing.

Lean manufacturing is a systematic method that first originated in Japanese manufacturing. The method was founded on the prospect to minimize the production of waste in a manufacturing system without affecting productivity.

The philosophy of lean manufacturing derives from the Toyota Production System, also known as TPS. TPS is renowned for its focus on reduction of the original seven wastes. With the reduction of the seven wastes it was theorized that customer value would then improve.

The mastermind behind the seven wastes, TIM WOOD, was Taiichi Ohno, the Chief Engineer at Toyota. It wasn’t until the late 90s when the Toyota Production System was adopted in the Western world, that TIM WOOD gained an “S”.

Toyota’s steady growth, from a small company to one of the largest automaker’s in the world, has caught the attention of companies all over. In the attempt to reach the same success as Toyota, you will find that many companies such as Caterpillar, Intel, John Deere, and Nike, are adopting lean manufacturing and focusing on reducing the eight wastes.

We now know where the acronym Tim Woods originated from, but we still have yet established what it stands for. For that answer you will have to stick around for next 8 subsequent blogs. In this 8 part series we will take a closer look at each waste and examine exactly how much Tim Woods is impacting your business.